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Only right to start things off right with the host of the 2017 Music Video Awards this year Katy Perry with her hit single Last Friday,


All Seriousness…
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Tupac Amaru Shakur 

Growing up my aunt Nancy and my mom  would play all of the cool CDs made by  death row records however I was  impressed with one particular artist that went by the name of 2 pac. The way he put words in sentences blew me away. He was a lyrical genius. From that day on I just fell in love with rap. The first Tupac record I bought growing up was his Greatest Hits Record. My favorite tracks off the cd were:


  1. Dear Mama
  2. Keep Your Head Up 
  3. Life Goes On
  4.  I Ain’t Mad At Cha 
  5.   Unconditional Love
  6. Me against the world
  7. Changes 
  8. Hail Mary 

Tupac believe it or not was much more than a musician. A lot of people back  when 2pac was on the rise referred to him as a gangster rap artist. In my opinion you can’t judge somebody based off what you hear because not everyone is  going to be honest with you!  Tupac  was a father , also an incredible actor. More importantly he was a human being just like you and me  just trying to find his place in this confusing world.  

 Listen to Greatest Hits by 2Pac on @AppleMusic. https://itun.es/us/kxbIs

 Died: September 13, 1996, Las Vegas, NV