I lost my best friend Matt in the beginning of 2017. I will be perfectly honest with you I’m still not over his death. The little things he did like text me randomly but it was the way he worded stuff in messages: WAzzzzup, DJuuust how’s it hanging , how goes it!

Matt & I met at St.Vincent-St.Mary’s we were both in study hall at the time. What sparked a conversation between him and I was the fact I glance over at his iPod during study hall he was listening to Lil Wayne. I gently pulled the sleeve of his shirt to get his attention.

Hey dude are you a fan of Lil Wayne ?

He responded back in a way only Matt knew how to by saying yupperz! The name of the song was Fireman.

Matt’s favorite song by Lil Wayne.

I asked Matt two questions that day in study hall:

  1. Who was his favorite rapper off all time?

His response for his favorite rapper of all-time was 2pac ! Matt’s favorite song by 2pac was the song Hail Mary.

  1. Matt’s In your spare time when your not in school what’s is your favorite thing to do? He answered was playing basketball, and working out.

Matt and I had so much in common we were both obsessed with pizza and loved playing basketball, and listening to music.

We also had things that separated us from one another like he could be a bit more a risk taker then me . Matt is a die hard Cleveland Cavaliers fan.Then I was a die hard La Lakers fan.

Matt liked paintball. I didn’t like paint ball. The differences/similarities our what make friendships so beautiful and special.

The thing is back in high school I lost his number like six times before finally writing it down. I still wonder every day how did Matt convince me to go Skydiving!

I’ll always cherish the memories close to my heart. Will always be best friends, and brothers.



John Cena has done it all in the WWE. He’s currently tied with the legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair with a total amount of sixteen championships . Perhaps, one day Cena will break Flairs 16 title reign by capturing his seventeen championship!

John Cena is currently a free agent & will be on team SmackdownLive this Sunday at Survivor Series.


Music Monday edition

I just recently became a fan of this band . They’re super talented people. Plus , they just followed me on Twitter this morning so I’m super excited everyone checkout the band #AsDecemberFalls.

Three songs by: As December Falls

I like are:

  1. Don’t say a word
  2. Keep Dreaming
  3. Always Set On Letting Go

Wishing you nothing but love ,peace,

and positivity!



Who is Mermaidica?

Mermaidica is a powerhouse,christian/ pop singer that has written and conducted 12 mix and mastered originals. She originated from Cuyahoga Falls,Ohio

To overcome many barriers throughout her life from redeeming herself after coming up short on American Idol. Then the sudden lost of her best friend at a young age . She demonstrates to us how to be a soldier of the cross through her music.

What you think .




Tupac Amaru Shakur 

Growing up my aunt Nancy and my mom  would play all of the cool CDs made by  death row records however I was  impressed with one particular artist that went by the name of 2 pac. The way he put words in sentences blew me away. He was a lyrical genius. From that day on I just fell in love with rap. The first Tupac record I bought growing up was his Greatest Hits Record. My favorite tracks off the cd were:

  1. Dear Mama
  2. Keep Your Head Up
  3. Life Goes On
  4.  I Ain’t Mad At Cha
  5.   Unconditional Love
  6. Me against the world
  7. Changes
  8. Hail Mary

Tupac believe it or not was much more than a musician. A lot of people back  when 2pac was on the rise referred to him as a gangster rap artist. In my opinion you can’t judge somebody based off what you hear because not everyone is  going to be honest with you!  Tupac  was a father , also an incredible actor. More importantly he was a human being just like you and me  just trying to find his place in this confusing world.

I ain’t mad at cha

Listen to Greatest Hits by 2Pac on @AppleMusic. https://itun.es/us/kxbIs

Died: September 13, 1996, Las Vegas, NV




Fam for life!

Good luck Dustin starting your next big adventure in the army. I know your going to kick some ass. Remember to keep striving for greatness man. I didn’t get to attend the going away party so this is my way of letting you know I did not forget about you homie.. #famforlife #besafe #salute

Yours Truly ,