Music Monday edition

I just recently became a fan of this band . They’re super talented people. Plus , they just followed me on Twitter this morning so I’m super excited everyone checkout the band #AsDecemberFalls.

Three songs by: As December Falls

I like are:

  1. Don’t say a word
  2. Keep Dreaming
  3. Always Set On Letting Go

Wishing you nothing but love ,peace,

and positivity!



Who is Mermaidica?

Mermaidica is a powerhouse,christian/ pop singer that has written and conducted 12 mix and mastered originals. She originated from Cuyahoga Falls,Ohio

To overcome many barriers throughout her life from redeeming herself after coming up short on American Idol. Then the sudden lost of her best friend at a young age . She demonstrates to us how to be a soldier of the cross through her music.

What you think .